I’m experimenting with the new Raspberry Pi Zero 2W. This is connected to a RIM Alinco and a TYT TH9000 222 MHz mobile radio. The frequency is 224.080 with a 110.9 ctcss.

I used the Digi-Key A100196-ND Connector and a DB9 female plug to bring the necessary signals to the rear of the radio and plug in the Rim Alinco.

Zero 2W

There is a pdf of the mod here The Rim Alinco can be found on Repeater-Builder here

DB9 Connector Pin connections

Additional Info on the Internal plug wiring from RB

I am also experimenting on this node which is running Hamvoip and also DV_Switch. You can connect to my DMR ID of 3136728 on the Brandmeister network and that is linked to this setup.