Hamshack Hotline

HHUS 4262 is my Main Number in Hamshack
4475 Is for testing and demonstrations and
HHX 14126 is experimental and an app on my iPhone
New RF Link to the W2YMM Hub on Extension 94022
While scrolling through Facebook one day, I saw a posting about a new service called Hamshack Hotline.  I wasn’t quite sure what it was or what I would do with it.
I did see that it was using SIP type telephones that I was already familiar with from being involved with my own Asterisk PBX telephone system.
As of now the only phones supported in the core program are some Cisco models, but there is also and Experimental side of the system called HHX.
If you would like to learn more about Hamshack Hotline visit the links below.
     More information
  • Social media groups on Facebook and Mattermost
  • Supports inexpensive Cisco Sip phones.
  • Amateur Logic Youtube with segment on HH
  • Zello channel
  • DMR Talkgroup 31688 Listen Live
  • HH Servers are now in the cloud
  • Help Desk ticketing system HHOPS
Additional Notes
Groundwire App for your HHX Extension
I’ve recently upgraded to the Cisco SPA525 model phone, but also use a SPA303 for demos.
more info to follow
RF Link from Hamshack Hotline to Allstar
I just setup an RF Link from Hamshack Hotline to my Allstar Node.
If you dial 94022 on HH you will hear the activity on node 41899 which
is usually linked to my hub node.
From your phone you would dial *99 to Transmit and # to go back to
Receive mode.
There is a how to for this on the Hamshack Hotline Facebook page. PDF
Some Additional config notes for those looking to setup your own link.
Here are my stanza configurations from my extensions.conf and iax.conf.
exten => 41899,1,Answer()
exten => 41899,n,Set(CALLSIGN=HH-${CALLERID(name)})
exten => 41899,n,Rpt(41899|P|${CALLSIGN})
exten => 41899,n,Playback(rpt/connected)
exten => 41899,n,Rpt,41899|P
Change 41899 to your Allstar Node Number
username=yyyyyyyy ; username you gave HH
secret=xxxxxxx   ;Password you gave HH