Allstar 45963

This is my Radioless Allstar Node
I saw a few different examples of Radioless Allstar Nodes and figured I’d give it a try too.
Detailed list of components I used in this build are:
USB Sound Fob with CM108 chip
Audio Amplifier from Adafruit
8 Pin mic jack
DTMF Microphone
Internal Speaker
External Speaker jack
Volume Pot 50 K Ohm
Raspberry Pi Model 3
Ethernet jack panel mount
Anderson PowerPole connector
Coaxial Power Jack
MicroUSB Power plug
ON/OFF Switch
Momentary Switch
12 to 5 volt converter
Mounting Case
Circuit Components are
68uf Electrolitic Capacitor   -Digikey 565-1436-ND
100 uf Electrolitic Capacitor
.1uf Capacitor  -Digikey 399-4151-ND
.1uf Capacitor  -Digikey 399-4151-ND
Bat43 Diode  -Digikey   497-2492-1-ND
1K Resistor   -Digikey   CF14JT1K00CT-ND
4.7K Resistor   -Digikey CF14JT4K70CT-ND
Green LED
I used the schematic from LINK as a starting point and then customized it to suit my needs.
I also liked the setup from a node built my Tom K5TRA here