This information may be outdated, I will post an update when available
The way I configured my Cisco HHUS phone is shown further down.
This 1st part is from the Allstar Website
Telephone Portal (including public SIP access)
The telephone portal allows users of the AllStar Link Network access via telephone to talk on, use, and control participating Nodes on the network. In addition, if desired, it gives users (or non-users as configured) access to “Reverse Autopatch” functionality on a Node. The telephone numbers of the AllStar Link Telephone Portal are as follows:
+1 763 2300000
United States
+61 2 91916355
+64 9 9250480
New Zealand
+34 956 922108
First you dial the number for the Telephone Portal (see above). It will ask you to enter the desired Node number to which you wish to connect, followed by the pound sign. Please do so. If both Node access and Reverse autopatch access is enabled for the specifyed node, the system will prompt you to enter 1 for Node access, or 2 for Reverse Autopatch access. If only one of these is enabled it will go directly to the processing for that type of access.
Node (System Use/Control) Access
You will then be prompted to enter your 10 digit AllStar User Security PIN. Please do so. Afterwards, the system will prompt you to enter 1 for “Voice Operated” access, and 2 for “Function Operated” access.
“Voice Operated” access used the presence of your voice (or any other noises picked up by the microphone on your telephone instrument) to determine when to make the connected node “transmit”. This mode is not recommended in noisy locations.
“Function Operated” acess uses DTMF sequences to indicate to the connected node whether you wish to transmit or not. To indicate to transmit (like pressing a push-to-talk button on a conventional radio), enter the DTMF sequence *99. To not transmit any more (like letting up a push-to-talk button on a conventional radio), enter the DTMF ‘#’ (pound) key.
Reverse Autopatch Access
Reverse Autopatch access allows a caller (eiter with or without an AllStar Link user ID, selectible by configuration) to cause a Node to announce their presence (while on hold) and if a user of the Node wishes, may connect to call onto the Node. If the Node is configured to require use by a valid AllStar Link user, then the user is prompted to enter their AllStar User Security PIN before connecting then to the Node.
Access from SIP devices
The Telephone Portal is also publically available from any SIP device on the Internet. Please connect to the SIP Telephone Portal using the follwing connection information:
IP Address: (
G711 Ulaw
RFC2833 (If applicable)
If you wish the SIP Telephone Portal to act exactly like the standard Phone Portal (where it asks you to enter the node number to which you wish to connect), use destination extension ‘0’.
If you wish to ‘pre-select’ the destination node number, then send the desired node number as the destination extension.
It is not necessary to register to use this service (if your SIP device is capable of placing calls without registering), but since most SIP clients feel that they MUST register, the ability is provided.

Settings and Screen Shots of my Sip Phone configuration

I logged into my sip telephone at home (Cisco SPA525G2) which has Hamshack Hotline on Line 1, My FreePBX Ext. on Line 2 and I added the Allstar Phone Portal to Line 3.

NOTE This information may be outdated, I will post an update when available

The items to edit are:
  • PROXY=
  • DISPLAY NAME= Allstar Portal (Whatever you want)
  • PASSWORD = allstar
  • USER ID=1

The rest of the fields were left at the default values.

Once you show as registered on the admin/info page of your phones portal then, if you dial 0 and send you should hear the welcome to the Allstar link network greeting.  You could also dial the desired extension and press send to go right to that node.  You will then be asked to enter your 10 digit Allstar password.

You’ll need to remember to press *99 to talk and # to stop transmitting.




I have also shared my configuration for a SIP phone connected directly to your node HERE



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