900 MHz Radios

Instead of re-writing a page of available radios for use on the 900 MHz Amateur Radio Band,    I will provide some links to other websites where the is an abundance of information.
The NC9RS Group has alot of information available     HERE
Tom K5TRA put together a 900 Presentation available in .pdf format    HERE
San Diego 900 MHz Amateur Radio Web Site Read more         
Repeater Builder has a lot of information about the Motorola GTX radios Read more        
Radio Info
I started out using the Motorola GTX Handie talkies and mobile radios.  They do not require any hardware modifications..
The Motorola Spectra is also a nicely built radio, This requires only a single resistor added to the VCO circuit.  The only problem I’ve had with the Spectra is the Electrolytic capacitors usually are leaking and require repair. 
Not a hard job but it does require soldering some surface mount components. 
There are even hams who will provide this service for a fair price. 

I am currently using Spectra’s, Maxtrac’s and GTX’s as Mobiles
and for Handie Talkies I use the GTX and MTX950.
I have not used a Kenwood TK-981 Mobile, but from what I understand It is the Favorite choice
for 900 users.
More Kenwood info can be found at KW902
I prefer Mobile radios over HT’s on 900 MHz.  HT’s power output is at max 3 watts where
Mobiles can be 15 or 30 Watts. 
HT’s are fine for around town, but don’t expect super coverage when a distance from the repeater site.
Radio for Use on the 900 Band
Kenwood TK-981
Motorola MCS2000
Motorola Spectra
Motorola GTX
Motorola Maxtrac
Handie Talkies
Kenwood TK-481
Motorola MTX2000
Motorola MTX9250
Motorola MTX950
Motorola GTX