My GMRS Callsign is   WQWS860 (My original callsign expired and reapplied and got this one)

I have a local GMRS Repeater on 462.550 MHz on the South Shore of Long Island.

We started off by using FRS frequencies while out hunting and decided to upgrade to a repeater to extend our range.  Now I have the repeater setup for friends and family to communicate during emergencies.  It is in testing mode and portable at the moment.

Some Local GMRS Groups on Long Island

BTG Communications

Selden Radio

More to follow when I have updated information

FCC Page about GMRS 

Check out MYGMRS.COM for other listings

FCC Page about MURS

FCC Page about CB

GMRS Repeater Frequencies   Listen on these to hear if a repeater is near you
Receive Frequency
  • 1-462.550
  • 2-462.575
  • 3-462.600
  • 4-462.625
  • 5-462.650
  • 6-462.675
  • 7-462.700
  • 8-462.725


This is my portable GMRS repeater.  It consists of:

  • Motorola CDM750 Transmitter
  • Motorola Radius Receiver
  • 50W UHF 6 Cavity Duplexer
  • 30 Amp switching power supply
  • W1209 Temperature controller for fan
  • 60 mm cooling fan mounted to TX radio Bracket
  • 12 volt to 5 volt converter
  • Raspberry Pi 3B+ Running a version of Allstar for controller
  • Repeater Builder Rim Maxtrac RM Interface
  • Assorted RG400 coax jumper cables
  • Custom made enclosure with assorted bulkhead connectors
  • GMRS LIVE Node Number 1563