GMRS LIVE is the backbone of my GMRS Repeater giving me the ability to link to other repeaters/networks using Radio over Internet Linking Protocol (ROIP).


I’ve been interested in GMRS for a while and thought it would be a good way for my family to keep in touch without them having to get their Amateur Radio license.

One of my many interests in Amateur Radio is VOIP linking. I was thrilled to stumble across the GMRS Live group recently and see that they have implemented the infrastructure to allow linking on GMRS.

I run many Allstar nodes on Amateur radio and already had the hardware required to use on the network, I just need to download and install their version of the linking software and change some frequencies on my linking radio.

With my Simplex node up an running now I will finally finish getting my GMRS repeater back up on the air and possible create a HUB node to link my and possible some friends repeaters together.

On the GMRS LIVE network my node numbers are 1560-1564, I am using 1560 for the HUB, 1561 & 1562 as the Simplex hotspots and 1563 as the Repeater link.


The basic hardware needed to setup your own link will consist of:

  • Raspberry Pi Computer
  • GMRS Radio
  • Interface Board


Linked Repeaters in the Tri-State area

RB-USB RIM “Lite” Family of Products

How to get your GMRS License link

Masters Communications Products


This is my Simplex node 1561

  • 1561 Work Simplex NODE
  • 1562 Home Simplex NODE
  • 1563 Repeater Node
  • 1564 TBD (Radioless ?)

To join gmrslive and get your node numbers send an email to

Subject = Request new node numbers

In the message state that your would like to join the network and request a set of node numbers. Include your Name, Address, GMRS Callsign, and contact info. The admins will get back to you with your node information.

Then you can get to configuring your node.

Repeater Node 1563

WQWS860/R Node 1563

There are many hubs on the network where you can link to. See the hubs at