Update for 2021

For the State Permits you will need to make a Reserve America account to purchase a state permit of any kind.

Use this link to create an account;

There will be no in person permit sales or permit application drop offs as last year.

Information about NYS 4×4 fishing
I enjoy surfcast fishing at Sore Thumb and Democrat Point here on the South Shore beach by West Islip  I joined LIBBA #3529 (The Long Island Beach Buggy Assosiation.)
Here is some information you will need if you wish to go.
You need a NYS 4×4 Beach access permit.  New for 2020 is online only application. Get your Recreational fishing license first, you’ll need the ID number when applying.
A Recreational Fishing license for everyone in your vehicle who is over 16 years of age.
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Permits can be purchased Online only starting January 1 2020 until March 31.
The NYS permit allows access to the following outer beaches: Gilgo, Cedar (Sore Thumb area), Robert Moses (Democrat Point), Napeague, Hither Hills, and Montauk Point.
You must have fishing pole and tackle, Recreational Fishing Permit,  shovel, tow chain or rope, a working jack with support board, tire gauge and approved tires, appropriate spare tire ,
Porta Potty and a trash bag.
You do not need the equipment when applying for the permit, but they will revoke this permit if you are caught on the beach without it!
Park Rangers do spot checks.
I’d also suggest a Flashlight, Air Compressor, First Aid Kit and a Fire Extinguisher.
I also use Automatic Tire Deflators for airing down.  I usually air down to about 17 PSI.
These are Carry in Carry out parks.   Nothing enrages me more than to see trash bags tied to the snow fences, and trash on the beach….
There is no trash collection, Bring your trash home !!
My Checklist
Air Pressure Gauge – min. 5psi
Air Pump (recommended not required )
Air hose with adapters
Jack Board
Lug Wrench (recommended not required )
Tow Rope or Chain
Flashlight (recommended not required )
Fire extinguisher
First Aid Kit
Plastic Pail
Spare Tire
Garbage Bags
Fishing Poles
Tackle Box
My girls with me at Sore Thumb many years ago

4 wheel drive beach access guide available here