Radio Over Internet Protocol

I recently heard about a device that connects between my computer and a radio for passing audio to/from Zello.

I picked it up at


Radio-tone Radio Over Zello / Skype Controller

Model RT-RoIP1

I have it connected to a Baofeng UV-5R using a cable that I also got with the interface.

The radio and interface are connected to my Windows XP pc with Zello running in VOX  mode.

That’s connected to my private Zello channel (W2YMM_ROIP) which is password protected.

The Directions are here  ——–>  roip1_zello

The radio It is connected to is on the same frequency as my Allstar node 41899.

This allows me to run Zello on my iPhone and hear whatever the node hears.



I plan on eliminating the vox portable and wiring it directly to the Allstar computer in the future.

Stay tuned for updates.


Link to interface


W2YMM 41899