W2YMM Repeater Section 449.300 PL 192.8
The W2YMM Repeater is a privately owned repeater system.
As of 2021 the Repeater ownership was transferred to myself W2YMM by Ken K2ATT.
The previous owners were Kenny K2ATT, Richie K2RJD, and Skip K2XD.(SK)
I will do my best to keep the system going… Thanks guys
If you are passing through the area and wish to use the VOIP node
Just drop Bob W2YMM an Email and I’ll pass along the required info.
The W2YMM repeater is located in Plainview, Long Island, New York,
near the  Nassau / Suffolk county border.
It is equipped with  Echolink (1224) and Allstar (40822)
192.8 Hz is the primary PL tone.  It is the only tone that will pass through to the VOIP system.
You can run CTCSS encode/decode and not hear the Repeater ID.

W2YMM/R Repeater Rules and User’s Guide
The W2YMM repeater is maintained by the K2ATT, WB2QGZ, W2YMM
We ask  that you follow these simple rules:
  • Follow all FCC regulations. We mean all of them!
  • Key up for about one second before speaking, There is a Kerchunk filter, and the first part of your transmission may be cut off.
  • Please identify before you send any DTMF commands to the repeater. It really bugs the control operators when an unidentified station starts sending a command string to the repeater. Such activity will be reported as malicious interference.
  • Don’t try to “hack” the repeater. All repeater commands intended for general use will be listed on the Command Page as they become available. The other users of the repeater will find it extremely annoying if you start sending random commands to try to figure out if there are more of them and will report it as malicious interference to the FCC.
  • Be courteous to other users. Please.
  • Leave pauses between transmissions.
  • Please use the 192.8 PL Tone
  • All transmissions are recorded and saved offsite.    LISTEN LIVE

Some stats on the machine

Motorola MSF-5000 75 Watt Repeater

Zetron model #39 controller

PD-455-2 Station master @330′

40 Watts out  1/2 watt reflected

Basic Rx.  .5 for 20db

16db gas fet ARR preamp

RFS/Celwave 526 Duplexer  120db @ 5 MHz

Celwave Pass can

300_msfThe Original repeater and the updated unit.