Here are the ways to control the W2YMM Allstar EchoIRLP System on the 449.300 Repeater.  It is a little different than we did things before.

For Reference, Our node numbers on this repeater are

  • Allstar 40822
  • Echolink 1224
  • IRLP 4586

The Repeater is usually connected to the W2YMM Allstar Hub 43937.

Start by disconnecting from the hub   *76

To make an Allstar call, Press *3 and the Allstar node you want to connect to.

To make an Echolink call, Press *33 and the Echolink node you want to call.

Note if the Echolink node number is less than 6 digits long you will need to Pad the node number with Zero’s to make it 6 digits long. 

To make an IRLP call, Press *38 and the IRLP node number.

**NOTE IRLP is not currently connected to the repeater**

To Disconnect press *76

*1     <Node Number>      Link Disconnect
*2    <Node Number>      Link Connect (Monitor Only)
*3    <Node Number>      Link Connect
*5     <Macro #>              DTMF Shortcuts (Macros)
*6     <Phone Number>     Autopatch  (1+area code +number)   
*0      Disconnect Phone Call
*70            Link Status
*80            System Info
*81            Time
*82            Time 24 Hour format’
*57                Connect to the W2YMM HUB
*3+3+Node number to connect to Echolink
*3+8+Node number to connect to IRLP

Echolink / IRLP calls example

To call the EchoTest Conference you would dial *33009999
To call the IRLP Reflector 9053, Dial *389053
*3 is the command to make a connection followed by the type of call to make.
*1 + the node number will disconnect the call
*76 is a shortcut to drop all calls currently connected.
When you are done with your call you can reconnect the repeater back to the hub by dialing *57
I am working on a script to check and do it automatically.
*51=    Play time and voice ID
*52 = *3465710# ; W2GSB HUB CONNECT CODE
*56 = *345225 Connect to the East Coast Reflector
*57 = Connect to the W2YMM HUB